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The Superhero Podcast with Simo Suoheimo brings you everything you need to become unstoppable. This show is your backstage pass to talks with world class experts and influencers, researchers, athletes, top performers and other superheroes to give you the tips and tools in health, nutrition and high performance you can use to upgrade your fitness, work and life.
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Feb 25, 2019

Inka Immonen is an expert in meditation and mindfulness. She is a friend and colleague I've often had deep discussions with about the science of meditation, our practices, hardships and discoveries - I've learned immensely from our discussions. That's why this talk became such a treasure trove of information: Inka combines her personal transformation story of conquering severe migraine pain through meditation with her impressive knowledge of the science of meditation, her studies in psychology, as well as her experience of passing her knowledge on as a yoga teacher.


We talk about


- Inka's path into meditation

- How Inka has used meditation to conquer migraine pain

- The scientifically backed benefits of meditation

- The hardships and small victories of starting and keeping up a meditation practice

- How Inka and Simo use meditation and mindfulness techniques in daily life

- How life feels different after taking up meditation

- The three areas and styles of meditation that anyone can use

- What is morning priming and what benefits does it bring?

Feb 8, 2019

In this episode, I talk to Annastiina Hintsa, COO of Hintsa Performance.

After working in top management consulting and experiencing burnout, she was faced with profound questions about balance and meaning. She found answers in a transformation that involved running 250 km (155 miles) ultra races in places like the Gobi Desert and Antarctica, and joined Hintsa Performance as an entrepreneur, helping people unlock a life of meaning and sustainable high performance.

The holistic Hintsa coaching method has been used by Fortune 500 executives and world-class athletes like F1 Champions Fernando Alonso and Mika Häkkinen. 

Links and transcripts at

Jan 2, 2019

n this episode, I talk to (and do a live hypnosis experiment with) Dr Ali Binazir

Trained as a physician, business consultant, and behavioral change therapist, Dr. Ali is what he calls a Happiness Engineer - an expert in helping people change their behavior for more health, happiness, and fulfillment in life. 

During the episode, I become the guinea pig in a live experiment with hypnosis. 

Dr. Ali is a licensed hypnotherapist and knows how to use hypnosis to help people stop cravings, addictions and other unhealthy habits, including fast food, sugar, chocolate, cigarettes and procrastination. Can a hypnotic induction with Dr. Ali reprogram my brain and stop my cravings for crappy hamburgers - one of my long time guilty pleasures?

In today’s episode of the Superhero Podcast with Simo T. Suoheimo: 

  • How to design your life around happiness and meaning instead of money or power
  • How to stop cravings for sugar, junk food, or any other food
  • The lessons from the five areas that constitute a happy life and how to how to apply them in your life right now
  • How to solve the conflict between career and relationships
  • How to overwrite old habits and how to program new ones
Dec 3, 2018

Kiki Bosch is a record-breaking Ice Water Freediver and coach who helps people make transformations and overcome trauma through her own transformative experience.

We talk about

  • Kiki's transformative journey into one of the top ice freedivers in the world
  • Kiki's transformation after an experience of sexual abuse and how this became her superpower in helping others do the same
  • Her programs and philosophy of Disturbing the Comfort" and Comforting the Disturbed
  • Psychology and tangible effects of cold exposure that anyone can use to upgrade their mind and body
  • How cold, breath, mind, nutrition and body are connected into performance and mind state
  • Record-breaking freediving under ice
  • How cold exposure can help people transform and overcome trauma
Nov 6, 2018

We turn the tables around in this episode. My cofounder and dear friend Mikko Ikola interviews me about my high altitude mountain expedition in Kazakhstan.

We talk about

  • Why go on an expedition to climb a 6150m (18,000+ feet) mountain
  • What Simo learned in one of the harshest high altitude regions in the world
  • The nature of long mountain expeditions
  • The most dangerous and frightening moments and how I survived them
  • Lessons about human endurance and adaptability
  • Training for alpinism and mountaineering
  • Physical and mental preparation for mountain climbing adventures
  • Food and nutrition for rock climbing adventures
  • Psychology of pushing beyond boundaries
Jun 29, 2018

In this thrilling episode, I talk to Zsombor Deak, a professional long distance triathlete who has taken the world of triathlon by storm. The race that changed everything was the 70.3 Ironman Taiwan 2013 where he finished 4th, launching him to international fame.

Zsombor is a multiple top 5 World Cup finisher and multiple National Champion. Zsombor Deak is originally from Transylvania Romania and started his professional career in 2013 after moving to Australia. 

In this episode we talk about all the aspects of Zsombor’s training strategies, including training, rest, schedules, equipment and food - Zsombor is known to follow a vegetarian diet and considers food and nutrition as a critical factor in athletic performance and success.

Our discussion is full of actionable tips, inspiration and practical tools and strategies for anyone who wants to improve as an endurance athlete, from beginners to pros alike.

After recording this, I was so pumped I just had to put on my running shoes, put on some epic training music (lately, Ætheric by Dimmu Borgir has often added a savage boost of energy to my workouts) and let the rubber hit the road, and I’m sure you’ll feel the same way!

- Superhero Simo

What we talk about

- The tools Zsombor uses to prepare for races

- Preparing for races

- Training schedule

- Favorite equipment

- Zsombor’s nutrition strategies for winning races

- Zsombor’s mental and psychological training 

- How to train optimally and safely to maximize results

- How to prevent the most common training mistakes in endurance, triathlon and Ironman races

- How to prepare for your first Triathlon or Ironman race

Full show notes at

Click Here For Full Show Notes, Equipment & More


Jun 13, 2018

In this episode Simo talks to Olympic Athlete and hockey player Minttu Tuominen. We talk about winning championships, training, recovery, food, the psychology of winning athletes, and the road to the 2018 Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang, South Korea.

How does Minttu eat, train, recover and maintain consistent performance before and after critical games? Minttu shares some of her personal routines, tips and tactics that make her a successful athlete, stay focused under pressure, and are highly useful to anyone reaching for peak performance in sports, work and everyday life.

In this episode, we talk about

- The 2018 Ice Hockey World Championships in the U.S.
- The experience of being an athlete in the Finnish and global hockey scene
- Tips to maintain consistent performance under pressure
- How to become a semi-pro and pro hockey player
- “No matter how old you are you play the sport because you love it”
- Sochi Olympics and the critical Finland - Sweden game
- The mental side and routines of training and winning
- Food and snacks to fuel optimal exercise and recovery in hockey
- How Minttu uses music to stay focused under pressure
- Minttu’s physical routine before a game
- The balance of sports and other life in an athlete’s lifestyle

Mar 28, 2017

How to hack the air we breathe at home and in the office to improve health, thinking, creativity, decision making and happiness? 

In most large cities, indoor air quality is destroying health and making people less productive, but there are simple steps anyone can take to improve air quality today.

In this episode, I talk to Aki Soudunsaari, CEO of NAAVA, the company changing the world's offices' and homes' indoor air with smart green walls powered by combining real plants and smart technology. We talk about what they have learned about improving and "naturalizing" offices and homes around the world, and what actions to take.

We talk about

- How Aki's personal struggles lead him to find solutions and create a novel science based solution for improving air quality
- Why the air we breathe affects are health, performance, decision making and happiness
- How toxins, fire retardants, excess carbon dioxide, pollutants, moulds and fungi affect air quality in modern buildings around the world
- Problems and risks arising from poor air quality, from brain fog to asthma
- Why millions of offices are suffering from poor air quality
- What are the leading causes for poor indoor air and how to eliminate them
- What steps anyone can take today to hack their home and office air for better health

Feb 20, 2017

Doctor Cate Shanahan, nutritional doctor of some of the toughest athletes in the world, Kobe Bryant and the LA lakers, and the author of Deep Nutrition, talks about the optimal human diet for thriving based on evidence from around the world, working with top athletes. Dr Cate has over 20 years of clinical experience and expertise in genetic and biochemical research. We talk about the hacking your diet with performance enhancing foods and diet for avoiding metabolic disease, reducing risks, gaining optimal body composition and boosting sports performance, including fats, probiotics, and surprising methods you can improve your nutrition easily and cost efficiently with methods used by pro athletes.

Dec 31, 2016

In this episode, I talk to Ryan Munsey, Chief Optimizer at NaturalStacks. We talk about nootropics, cognitive enhancement, reaching peak performance, what people often get wrong about nootropics, the steps for cognitive enhancement for beginners and vital tests that even most advanced brain performance optimizers and biohackers miss, avoiding common pitfalls, and the simple steps anyone can take to improve brain power, memory and cognitive performance.

Dec 16, 2016

#1-voted coach, bestselling author and 11-time Ironman Ben Greenfield shares his favorite actionable tools and methods that you can use to upgrade your everyday energy, exercise results, brain power and life.

We talk about

- Living unconventionally and making the world (and all forms of public transport) your playground 

“Don’t try this at home” experiments gone wrong, extreme cold exposure, priming your brain for exercise with brain stimulation and yoga, 

- Living as an unconventional savage in a world of weakness

- Modern biohacking and gadgets vs primal and natural methods to optimize performance

- Can old natural methods like consuming ancient beverages be replaced by modern biohacks, eg. Nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide or NAD vs Pau D’arco Tea for life extension

- Why Ben hooks up a bunch of electrodes to his head before exercise and does transcranial direct current stimulation or tDCS

- How you can use Kundalini Yoga to improve your exercise 

- Ben’s top biohacks and crazy experiments gone awry 

- Ben’s everyday hacks to increase neuroplasticity

- Using tools like meditation and Psilocybin Mushrooms for neuroplasticity and neuroregeneration

- Why Ben regularly does Neurofeedback and EEG sessions to increase alpha and beta brainwave production

- How athletes and high performers can benefit from neurofeedback

- Ben’s cold thermogenesis routine for fat loss, brain and metabolic benefits and much more


Nov 28, 2016

In this episode, I sit down with a good friend Riku Uski, Entrepreneur and Coffee Guru to talk about

- Riku’s lessons on starting a business that he learned on his unconventional path to find his entrepreneurial calling

- What anyone should do to discover their Superpowers and mission in life and in starting a business

- Riku’s story about leaving his consulting career and finding his Entrepreneurial Path

- What anyone can learn from people with multi-generational talents

- A great tool to hack your sound environment Riku and Simo use

- How to eliminate mobile phone distractions from your work and home life

- Riku's new challenge to fine tune his daily experience

- Riku's and Simo's productivity upgrades 

- Easy gratitude and creativity-fueling practices that top entrepreneurs and creators use

Oct 27, 2016

Biohacking is the art and science of measuring and improving ourselves, our surroundings and even the entire biosphere. In this episode, I sit down with M.D., PhD & Nutrigenomics expert Christian Mueller to talk about

- How to upgrade your day even without high tech

- Simo’s favorite biohack that brings the most effect with minimal effort and financial investment

-  Some currently interesting biohacks and targets Simo is currently working on

- Different techniques to start tracking your sleep (even with minimal gear!)

- Simo’s tips to get started with wearables like Basis B1 and basic sensors like the Beddit sleep tracker 

- The top 3 biohacks to get started with for maximum impact

- What improvements Simo has made to his diet and morning routine on the basis of genetic testing 

- What are the limitations of basic wearables (and why objective total accuracy may not matter all that much)

- Are there any limits to human biohacking and will we be able to overcome them as a species?



Oct 13, 2016

In this episode, I sit down with Ambronite advisor, M.D. and nutrigenomics researcher Christian Mueller to discuss

- What’s the difference of eating real foods vs supplements according to science?
- The simple, proven way to reverse chronic disease like Type II Diabetes ignored by the main stream medical establishment
- What’s the best way to hit your nutritional needs according to latest nutrition research?
- How your body and mind can benefit from hormetic compounds 
- How your body can gain from a limited exposure to toxins and stressors in food the form of an “antifragility” effect 
- Is it possible to live off of supplements?
- Do plant based diets require supplementation?
- How our current diet and physical activity level affects the epigenetics and genetic makeup of our unborn children
- What are the top benefits of going from a standard western diet towards a plant based diet?

Superhero Podcast with Simo Suoheimo features world class experts, inspirers, researchers, top performers and other superheroes to give you the tips and tools in health, nutrition and high performance you need to become unstoppable.

Sep 21, 2016

Ambronite Superhero Podcast gives you the tips and tools in health, nutrition and high performance you need to become unstoppable. 

In this episode, we sit down with Ambronite advisor, M.D. and nutrigenomics researcher Christian Mueller to discuss

- Will gene technology and gene editing turn humans into mutants or superheroes?
- Is it possible to engineer human traits for your children from hair color to IQ?
- How we can cure diseases and enhance your own genetics by modifying our genetic makeup
- Is mastering our genome the final frontier of medicine, biohacking, fat loss, longevity, sports and even human evolution at large?
- How anyone can benefit from consumer grade gene testing services like 23andMe in optimizing their health
- Will we see people with lifespans of 150 years and beyond in our lifetime?
- How one woman is trying to live forever through a gene editing program
- What gives some professional endurance athletes and olympians have an unfair advantage over their peers